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About me

My name is Peter Bucher and I am devoted to web technologies for a long time.
Although I started with HTML and classic ASP, at the moment I am mainly working with .NET, especially with ASP.NETand C#.

I am active in various Microsoft communities - e.g., as moderator in several forums - and was given the MVP award for ASP and ASP.NET by Microsoft in the year 2007 for the first time.

In my freetime I deal with game development using .NET, DirectX and XNA, read technical books as well as adventure novels, and in the summer I love to take a bath in the nearby lake.

Early 2009, Jürgen Gutsch and I founded the .NET Stammtisch Konstanz-Kreuzlingen, a transboundary .NET usergroup for Germany and Switzerland.

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Is LightCore reinventing the wheel?

Yes and no - at the beginning LightCore was meant to be a training project. As it basically does not have any dependency to another library it was the perfect candidate for using TDD (test-driven development).

Now that the project has grown it became a challenge to write a good and stable component, independent of the implementation of other dependency injection containers.


Finally, I would like to thank Jürgen Gutsch, Roberto Bez, Golo Roden and Gregor Biswanger for always helping me and giving feedback with development and documentation of LightCore.